More about me

I fell in love with computers the first time when I saw the Commodore 64. On 1994 I got an Intel 80486 and I was able to start tinkering with GNU/Linux, and that eventually lead me to get into the FLOSS world.

I studied Electronics Engineering at UTN - FRM, my plan was to apply to Balseiro Institute and become a physicist. But since I spent so much time on the computer I started thinking maybe physics was not my thing. On 1997 I switched careers and started Computer Sciences at FCFMN, San Luis National University. In 2000 I dropped formal education.

Since then I've been programming and learning new stuff by myself.

I like creational processes, so I enjoy being a programmer. Also I love growing a garden. I make my own compost using eisenia foetida, so my garden is well fed. I get pleasure from building stuff with wood. I love almost all kind of sports and I jog regularly. Finally, I'm a pretty darn good cook, though I wouldn't call myself a chef.

I have three beautiful offsprings who (luckily) haven't taken their beauty from me.